Sunday, 1 July 2012

Cubesville #11, the George Orwell Special is hot off the press
The action packed Cubesville 11 is an essential addition to your bathroom library.

Featuring spotlights on Basque punk, Welsh punk (with Yr Anhrefn) and Gaelic punk (with Oi Polloi).

We have an interview with Reagan Youth and Black Star Dub Collective action figures. Also in this issue, our vegan time machine goes back to WWII and we have a protracted rant about publishing in the recession.

Get it through Paypal or email me (address on your right again).

Cubesville zine


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t w o m a n r a v e said...

Started reading the copy you gave me for Andy T in work today. He didn't get it passed on for two reasons (1) he couldn't make Liverpool on Saturday (2) I didn't make it either. Great zine & great blog. Nice to make your acquaintance squire