Tuesday, 1 February 2011

An Audience with Dick Lucas (Subhumans)

Say what you like about the Subhumans, but you can never get enough Dick. Enigmatic frontman Dick Lucas that is. I don't know why I made that joke – we share the same first name after all. Please disregard that puerile comment.
Dick was kind enough to give an interview for the net issue of One Way Ticket to Cubesville before the Subhumans played Manchester in December. This edited feature, containing words and music, appeared on Under the Pavement radio show on Thursday 9 December. Despite travelling long distances on little sleep and lots of alcohol, Dick is in true form and delivers a coherent and comprehensive account of his involvement in the DIY scene and sceptical views on the electronic age. The songs edited into it are: 33322 (Subhumans), New Age (Subhumans), 18 (The Mental), Ugly People (Instigators), Society (Subhumans), Point of View (Subhumans), Process (Subhumans) and Won't Ask you Again (Subhumans). Enjoy.

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Orla said...

Hello, I couldn't find a contact address so hope this reaches you. I'm currently running a zine library in Rotherham and wondered if you would be interested in submitting a copy of One Way Ticket To Cubesville. Our blog is at www.rotherhamzinelibrary.snaek.org. Please email me on orla@oldmarketgallery.com if you are interested. Thanks. Orla.