Friday, 2 April 2010

cubesville 6

St Winifreds Unbound saw One Way Ticket to Cubesville spiral out of all control. Hardly recognisable as a regular DIY punkzine any more, its psychotic rantings covered charity shops and a concerted attack on direct marketing that was the basis for a spinoff publication called Junkmail Backlash. The zine quirks it up with inverted Horrorscopes and some twisted quiz which merely serves to mock the reader, laughing manically in his face and daring him to throw the zine away in a desperate bid to keep hold of his sanity.
In keeping with the fanzine's bizarre content, it features manic Scots quirksters Dawson and London indy lunatics Gag: two bands that took a sledge hammer to conventional song structure and as revolutionary as the thrash bands who had graced the pages of previous issues. Brummy ska-punks Spithead are featured as action figures. Who would have guessed that ska and punk would, a few years later, become popular. We didn't. Enjoy.

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