Friday, 12 February 2010

cubesville 1

I'm planning to bung up all copies of the people's favourite, One Way Ticket to Cubesville for you to download at home, so here's the first opportunity to dip our punk rock toasty soldiers into the primordial fanzine soup for you. I'm indebted to Sned for PDFing the first two issues and bunging them up on punksishippies. Well done big man!

Issue 1 came about following a 1-issue collaboration called Rise Above that saw members of Paradox UK, Doctor and the Crippens and myself join forces to produce Southport's first thrash fanzine.
But tired with traditional fanzines, and armed with my mum's typewriter, a tape recorder and a fucking shed load of homebrew - and I mean a fucking lot - I went it alone.
Published sometime around 1987, the first issue is a creature of its time, featuring interviews with a young fresh Brummie band called Doom and UK thrash heavyweights Concrete Sox.

But the coup was getting an interview with HR from Bad Brains when he played at the Planet X in Liverpool. Looking back, it's not really that surprising that he wasn't interested in talking to a teenage drunk in a studded leather demanding answers to a string of purile, lavatorial questions. But that still wouldn't stop me, not even now!

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